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Minecraft: Hyperion Construction final

Since I've been extremely lazy about posting this, I guess I should finally get it done. For those of you who have not seen it yet, here's the link to the album of the final screenshots in its pretty-much done state.


I stuck it on imgur to facilitate posting to reddit earlier.


Minecraft: Hyperion Construction 7

This will be my second to last planned entry on the Hyperion's construction, because I have finished most of the planned work as of today. I have a few detail things here and there that I'll be doing probably over the next few months, but I'm not going to be focusing nearly so much effort on it as I have to this point. The interior remains largely unfinished, but I'm satisfied with just the exterior; besides, I just don't think I could do it much justice with a 1 meter/block resolution, especially at 2/3 scale. The next post I make will show the final screen shots.

A few of the screen shots in this post were taken with the texture pack I'm using most of the time now. It's a 32x32 based on DokuRPG with some modifications to fit my own tastes.

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Minecraft: Hyperion Construction 6

Once the wings were filled in, I began to add some more detail to the wing engines and add the top of the engine block. The intake of the wing engines needed a little greebling to make it match the reference images a bit.

At this point the wings themselves were essentially complete aside from a few details on the top.

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Minecraft: Hyperion Construction 5

The next step was to begin filling in the wings and adding some of the details to them. I started this with the wing-engines that could be seen on the reference images. It took me a little while to figure out how exactly I wanted to do them. I knew I wanted them to be filled with lava, which would mean glass walls for at least part of it, but I also wanted it to look like there was some internal structure to them; something like a jet engine with the turbine and the combustion chamber.

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Minecraft: Hyperion Construction 4

Yeah, so I've been trying to do these on a once a week basis... so much for that, eh?

I realized shortly after I began construction that I wasn't going to be able to fit this thing in the amount of space I had available (vertically). But I was pretty excited and wanted to start construction anyway, so I figured I'd get going on it first then shift the parts I had built around in a map editor when necessary.

A little while after I built the wing outlines, I decided it was time to make that change. So I loaded it up in a map editor and took a big chunk out of the ground right beneath the ship. That done, I lowered it about 15 blocks, which would give me enough space to do the engine block section.

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Minecraft: Hyperion Construction 3

Went for a while without posting because I got busy with buying and moving into a house. Anyway, continuing on with the build log.

By this point, the battlecruiser was beginning to look well-formed enough that having an enormous gaping hole in the very front of the nose was starting to look awkward. That and I needed to figure out exactly where the Yamato cannon was going to go. I was starting to toy with the idea of putting some sort of TNT cannon inside it-- maybe have it optionally launch animals as well, so I wanted to get the aperture figured out so I could start working on prototypes when I was feeling a little burned out.

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More progress later!

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Minecraft: Hyperion Construction 2

I neglected to mention in my last post the approximate scale I'm using here. I had to guesstimate from the images I was using as reference about what size the Hyperion was. I figured that a single deck (approximately one line of windows on the reference image) was roughly the equivalent of 2 blocks tall in Minecraft terms-- 3 if you include the flooring. In hindsight, that probably wasn't large enough for the true size of the Hyperion-- it would probably be more like at least 3 blocks of space, if not a bit more. At any rate, even with my wrong scaling, it was going to be too tall.

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Right about at this time it really started to sink in just how massive this project was.

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Minecraft: Hyperion Construction 1

I've been considering putting up a construction log for my current project in Minecraft, since I've been taking periodic progress screenshots, so I decided I'd go ahead and get started with it. You can see our map here, with the Hyperion behind Barad-Dur in the south-central region of the map (note the compass rose in the top-right corner).

Back around the end of October last year I was looking for a new project to work on and ended up deciding on building the Hyperion, Jim Raynor's flagship Battlecruiser from Starcraft 2. Fortunately the Battlecruiser features prominently in the game, so there are a wealth of screenshots showing it from various angles. I started out making some plans on my trusty pad of engineering paper and downloading a ton of screenshots. Here's a couple so you can compare. I'll put up pictures/scans of my schematic drawings a little later.

I decided to start with the nose and do some of the more prominent features first.

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As you can see, it's quite large.

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For any of you Starcraft fans

Recognize the ship under construction south of Barad-Dur? (compass rose is in the top-right corner)


I'm thinking about posting a making-of journal showing the in-progress screenshots I've been taking.


Awesome. Pure awesome.

This, my friends, is why Minecraft is awesome. It's not quite finished yet, but it looks pretty good already.

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